Travels with Pickles

Wherein Mum and Dad change their minds

Have you ever thought to yourself, “My parents are just flat out crazy?”  If you haven’t you’re lucky, mine are and I certainly thought so when they proclaimed “We’ve found the motorhome!”  They were flat out crazy, sure it would have been a great option if they didn’t have care and custody of me the universe’s greatest feathered companion of all time! 


Shortly after their last posting I watched Dad begin to research fifth wheelers and toy haulers and when I saw those patios on the toy haulers I was all a flutter with joy!  There finally was someplace to relax and hang out safely in my cage while soaking up the sun and chatting with my wild feathered friends.  I was immensely pleased when they spent all of the last week researching and look at those patio wonders.




Enough of the mouthy little feathered punk, although he has a point.  We have spent the last week or so looking at fifth wheels and toy haulers.  A lot of time was spent this weekend driving around and climbing in out out of our top choices.  We narrowed our search down to Heartland, Jayco, Grand Design, and Forest River.  They all had toy haulers and fifth wheels that on paper met our needs.


Let’s just say there can be a tremendous amount of variation between manufacturers on fit and finish.  We, well Dave, stepped in one Forest River toy hauler and immediately knew it wasn’t the right one.  Grand Design has a decent toy hauler in the Momentum but not enough to keep it in the running.  In the end, Jayco and Heartland were the two final choices.




I absolutely fell in love with the Jayco Pinnacle 36REQS the moment I stepped into the coach.  It felt like home.  The furniture was comfortable, it felt spacious and open.  There was plenty of open space and kitchen was spacious.  The bedroom was wonderful as well, the washer and dryer being in a separate cabinet not eating up closet space was a HUGE plus for me.   One of the nicest things about the Jayco were the entry stairs.  They are rock solid and my bad knees much preferred the five step entry to the competition.  The arched ceiling in Jayco was also a huge plus.  The coach overall just felt larger and more spacious.


The Jayco Seismic the first picture, was the only toy hauler to make it into the final three.  It is an absolutely gorgeous toy hauler with solid fit and finish.  It would be a great weekend play coach or extended holiday coach.  It would not workout well for long term living though for our family, despite Pickles insistence that he needs to patios.


Two things eliminated the Jayco from the running.  First, lack of basement storage and no patio option.  If we knew these were upgrades coming from Jayco in the next year or two it is quite possible we would wait.    Jayco builds gorgeous short term vacation fifth wheels and if we were looking for that, there would be a Pinnacle 36REQS on order after the first of the year.




We looked at two Heartland Big Country’s over the weekend, the 3800FL and the 3950FB.  They were nice, spacious with vastly improved fit and finish over the Heartland Cyclone 4200 toy hauler we looked at.  The entire family would be able to fit comfortably and there was plenty of basement storage.  They checked almost all the boxes.  It wasn’t until we got home Saturday evening and Dave started poking around that he discovered the 3900FLP which checks every box we have.  Unfortunately, there is only one 3900FLP in the entire state and it’s about a two hour drive from the house.  We are going to look at it on Saturday.


If it meets our expectations then it truly is the one and the motorhome concept is truly out the window for good.  We have a list of questions into Heartland.  I will take plenty of pictures and post the best ones this weekend.  Pickles will get the best of both worlds and I won’t be losing any storage beneath the coach.