Travels with Pickles

James Decides to Retire Early



James, the faithful Range Rover of my youth, decided that his service to the family was over a week ago.  He just gave up the ghost, didn’t let me have one final swan song ride.  Instead, he gave up and caused Mum and Dad oodles of unnecessary stress just before Thanksgiving, the best food feeding frenzy of the year!  I’m officially going to go pout in my corner. 




Pickles may be pouting but he is correct, James decided to retire while we were on the way to my parents house for dinner with the extended family last Tuesday.  The alternator light came on and we were lucky enough to be able to turn into a local neighborhood to call AAA.  James was towed home on a chilly Tuesday night and once disconnected from the tow truck he fired right up and pulled into the driveway with no issues.  So, you can imagine just how frustrated we both were!




Dave immediately resumed the search for a truck that would tow the fifth wheels we have been looking at the last couple of months.  We knew we were going to have to replace James eventually but that was sometime next spring.  Apparently James figured it out and decided on early retirement without consulting us. 




Wally and Sangria have enjoyed many hours in the backseat off-roading and hanging their heads out the windows.  They fit nicely in the back seat together and loved the big windows.  Pickles used to ride on the cover to the rear.  His cage snugly fit between the roof and the cover so he didn’t slide around.  He could see everything and loved the view freaking out little kids as we were driving down the road.


So, as you can imagine our last week was spent looking for new trucks and facing sticker shock.  But more on that in the next post.  James was a much loved, well used, and faithful vehicle for the seven years we had him.  I would never hesitate to own another Range Rover.


Rest In Vehicle Peace James