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The Sofas and Recliners of AWESOMENESS



We first sat in the recliners of awesomeness at the RV Show in a Heartland Oakmont 390MBL, although the ones pictured above are from the photos of the Oakmont 400FL.  These amazing recliners and sofas not only hold your beverage but offer massage and heat to the lucky sitter.  As soon as we sat down and turned on the recliner we were both in heaven. 


We are now ecstatic every time we find one in a coach we tour.  Never thought having a particular recliner could be a selling point of a coach but man oh man, these recliners are comfortable and go a long way in replacing the iJoy we will be giving up.   Yesterday, digging around for information and opinions on iRv2 about Dutchmen toy haulers, I poked my nose into the discussion about replacing the sofas in a toy hauler.  Imagine my utter delight when I found the brand name of the recliner and sofa of awesomeness!


They are made by Clay Madison and are the Jaleco product line.  We are both thrilled that I’ve managed to source the recliner we both fell in love with at a RV show.  My only complaint is the only leather choices are so dark in color.  Seriously, offer lighter options like the only pictured above or even better in cream or light dove gray.  If I’m going to spend time, money, and effort to replace my RV furniture then it isn’t going to be in dark, drab, light sucking colors no matter how comfortable and awesome the recliner is.


The recliners are available on Amazon for much less than direct from the manufacturer, unsurprisingly.  I completely admit my joy when Dave spotted them the moment he stepped into the Dutchmen Voltage 3970 on a whim last weekend.  Apparently, the little things bring me great joy in life!