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Introducing LeRoy


When we first decided to jump in with both feet and pull up roots to wander the country, we knew we had a very large problem awaiting us.  The house had a beautiful 110 gallon aquarium that housed African Cichlids and LeRoy, our female Red Eared Slider.  We were faced with trying to find a way to have an onboard aquarium, finding family to take over the tank, or donating our set-up to charity. 

Family didn’t want the responsibility and no charity was interested in acquiring and reselling our set-up without the inhabitants.  So, it was take the inhabitants or euthanize them.  Taking the fish wasn’t an option, water just flat out weighs to much to transport on top of the other issues like water sloshing, jostling of fish, and the possibility of shattering any tank while traveling.  So, fish were definitely not going but what to do with LeRoy?


LeRoy does not require constant submersion in water, enjoys sunning herself on warm days, travels well, and to be honest, we both couldn’t euthanize her.  So, right before we closed out the house we made the decision that LeRoy was coming with us on our travels.  Off we tromped to Target to find a suitable travel crate for Lana and a tank crate for when we are stationary.

She is currently hanging out under the lemon tree at our site here at the KOA (edit: in her personal 40 gallon pond, her set-up will be detailed in a later post).  She suns herself during the day, has enjoyed hunting the insects that have landed in her watery home, and is becoming used to Wally and Sangria poking their heads over the side to check on her at least once a day.  She seems content and perfectly peaceful, from the human perspective.

One thought on “Introducing LeRoy

  1. Laurie Dazley

    OMG your family sounds so similar to ours and we are also attempting to solve pet dilemmas so that we can also be full time in our RV!!! I have had a fully stocked 180 gallon aquarium since 1998 but I am finally down to only one very large catfish which I am looking to find a good home for soon. I also have Andy a male Umbrella Cockatoo, Dusti a female Congo African Grey, Quazzi a male Congo African Grey, Serenity a female Northern Pine Snake, Doji a male Boxer/Shar Pei mix breed, and Willow a female Shetland Sheepdog. All three parrots along with both of our dogs currently go with us in the RV whenever we go out and about!!!🚎