Travels with Pickles

Five Unexpected Full Time Discoveries

Well, two weeks plus of full timing qualifies me to write this post doesn’t it? 

Yep, three weeks and Mom knows everything there is to know about full timing.  I’ll leave you to read her drivel, I’m going back to watching the universe from my tree here in The Gump.


5.  Visual Checklist

As our failure to stow the satellite prior to departure taught us, visual reminders for things we don’t do every day (like stowing the satellite) are key!  I’m not ashamed to admit that as my 50th birthday peaks over the horizon, my memory isn’t what it once was and neither is Dave’s.  So, if you ever wonder why there is a toy hauler with a wind chime at the front door no worries, it’s just a visual remainder that “hey, the satellite isn’t stowed why are you locking The Gump for travel?”

4.  Over packed

We flat out over-estimated what we needed onboard as we were downsizing from the house.  There are several trash bags in Lana filled and ready for donation.  Sure, I could have made space somewhere onboard but there was no need to store those excess pillowcases and pillows.  I’m positive that in the next couple of months we will have clothing to donate as well.  We are both losing weight and clothes are beginning to hang off both of us.

3.  Light

When we were still looking for a rig, we quickly and easily eliminated all the rigs that were too dark.  A couple of weeks ago when it was a consistent 110 plus outside we installed Reflectix.  Sure it helped cool The Gump faster than without it, but it sent us into a dark dungeon. We were quickly short tempered with one another and every animal was miserable.  The Reflectix lasted less than three days in our windows.  It can go back up when we are travelling and the temperature is forecasted to be in excess of 80.  Otherwise, no thank you! 

2.  Storage

I have lots of storage but it’s a true pain in the rear.  I’m having a bear of a time making storage solutions that truly work even though we’ve spent a huge amount of time in the last seven months on board and not in the house.  Being short doesn’t help matters any either, cabinets are at eye-level or above and using the step stool to get dishes or put them away is just annoying.  I understand why cabinets are high but sometimes being short is a true disadvantage.

1.  Freezer Doesn’t Freeze Ice Cream

Soft serve consistency for ice cream is just weird on a really hot night when you want something cold and sweet.  The Norcold just struggles and never succeeds at freezing ice cream hard.  It struggles with anything that isn’t solid like meat or vegetables.  It isn’t a deal breaker and it has cut down on the grocery bill.