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Five Things We Don’t Miss about Suburbia

Sticks and Bricks homes are supposed to be the American Dream that we are supposed to strive to attain at any cost.  Yet, that dream isn’t what it once was.  So, here are the top five things we don’t miss about suburbia.

5.  Endless Consumerism

Sure, we still spend money and contribute to the economy but we are no longer purchasing things just to fill a house that was too big and rooms we never used.  We were spending money, just to spend the money while still saving.  It was pointless and we weren’t gaining anything worthwhile in return.

4.  Routine

Like all couples, we fell into a routine and eventually a rut.  It’s very hard to break a routine and even harder to break a rut.  We both gained weight and over the years it just became easier to stay home than go out and experience anything new.  We were stuck, trapped by expectations and apathy.

3.  Neighbors

We have had some great neighbors and some truly awful neighbors over the years.  When the awful neighbors move-in you are trapped, you can’t easily relocate.  Bad neighbors moving in once again spurred our decision to go to our very first RV show.  In fact, those same bad neighbors were largely responsible for our decision to go fulltime as quickly as we did.  So admittedly, we owe those particular bad neighbors a debt of gratitude for getting us out of our routine and rut.

2.  Residential Toilets

I’ve had knee pain for as long as I can remember almost.  Between my wonderful new sandals from Chaco’s and our wonderful RV height toilet my knee pain has all but completely disappeared.  I never realized how incredibly low to the ground residential toilets were until we came home from our very first trip in The Gump.  It was an unpleasant eye-opener.  Why are they so bloody low?  Not something I relish using when we visit family across the country.


Remember when houses were unique?  Painted different colors, different landscapes, unique mailboxes at the curb are all examples that no longer exist.  Instead we have a sea of sameness to which all homeowners must conform or risk losing their home to Home Owner’s Associations which have grown into private governmental bodies.  All in the name of “property values”, Americans have willing surrendered their individuality.  No thank you, never again.  We’d rather live next to a bright pink house with a messy yard.  At least we would know that the inhabitants were individuals and not drones.

We don’t miss suburbia.  Our new reality hasn’t yet sunk in yet for Dave.  I’m perfectly content.  It’s scary but exhilarating at the same time. We have reservations for the next couple of months already.  We can live, experience new things, save money, and be free.  We may not have attained the standard , proscribed American Dream but we have achieved the American Dream of our forefathers.  We are free to roam and explore the country, what better American Dream is there?

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