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Pickles: His kit and living arrangements

Mum tells me that there are other cool birds like me out and about traveling the country with their parents too.  First off, I’m the coolest bird there is and secondly, woohoo nice to meet ya!  I over heard her telling Dad that people were asking about my kit and so, after some careful persuasion Mum is sitting on the back patio write this in the afternoon heat while I am happily perched on my tree.


Our little green overlord is correct, I’m on the patio and he is playing on his tree while I type this blog entry.  We thought long and hard about what kit to bring for him and what he would need space wise before making this life changing decision.  In the end, very little of his kit changed which has made the transition that much simpler for him.

Get Away Days

Days we travel are known as “Get Away Days”.  Simple phrase that lets all the animals know that we are spending the day going from one location to another.  Pickles really appreciates the phrase as it let him know why he is spending the morning in his travel crate and not hanging out on his tree enjoying the weather.

Excuse the bad picture, it’s hard while Lana is in motion!


He rides in Lana on the arm rest in the back seat between Sangria and Wally.  His travel cage is strapped down so that he can’t be jostled by moving dogs throughout the day.  He is also dead center of the car and thus the furthest away from air bags in the event of a catastrophe.  But let’s be honest, he has the best view out of all of us.  He can see out the windshield and stare out the back window as he dances.

At Home

At home he has two main areas that are set aside for him, his cage and his tree.  His cage is a little small for him but he is only confined when we are away from The Gump or is sleeping.  The cage can also be rolled out onto the patio when the weather permits.  He is a solar powered bird and loves spending the day on the patio sunning himself and preening.


The vast majority of his time is spent on his tree.  Dave figured out how to secure his tree from the Happijac which eliminated the stand that was used at the house.  He can’t reach the Happijac to do any damage or the windows in the office.  He has all his favorite toys on his tree and spends all day playing and grooming himself when he’s not watching the wildlife show out of his window.


HA what Mum is not telling you is that I get to spend all day trying to careful time and aim landing poop on those bratty dogs Sangria and Wally.  Silly woman, I LIVE to see white and green splotches on Sangria’s glossy black coat!

We had a 2×3 recycled plastic bottle rug under his tree to catch most of the debris and poop that comes with owning a bird.  Great thing about the rug is that it goes outside and gets hosed off and dried in the sun.  No fuss, no muss, and most of all no steam cleaning involved!


At night, he watches television with us or hangs out on the patio on our feet.  He is quite content to sit on the round wooden tables on the patio and listen to his toes as a he walks.  He can’t get purchase to climb onto the railing and his wings are clipped so he can’t fly away.  We keep a careful eye out for predators and he is never left alone without an adult and at least one dog as a deterrent.


Miscellaneous Kit

We do own an avian “lead” but to be blunt, it’s just not worth the effort  He hates it. 

Mum I don’t hate it.  I will DESTROY it like the horrible, awful, despicable bondage equipment it is!  Now leave me alone I’m going back to plotting my ultimate revenge.


He isn’t lying.  He fights us getting it on and when we eventually wrestle the thing on him, he spends the entire “episode” trying to get it off.  Yes, it works but no, we don’t recommend it.  We would rather leave him safe at home rather than risking him getting snatched by a  bird of prey or lost.  Pickles traveling extends to what he sees from Lana or The Gump.

So, there you have it the kit that goes with living with one Severe Macaw in a RV.  It’s not much different than in a traditional dwelling, just requires more patience.

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  1. Florence

    Thanks so much for posting this. We have a yellow-naped macaw, which is also a mini-macaw. I really enjoy seeing his set up so I know what to plan for. We have to purchase him a new cage since moving from Hawaii to Arizona and I really wanted to get something that would work in an RV. Seeing yours definitely gives me something to work with. Thank you.