Travels with Pickles

AHHH, Our new bed

One thing that is common across styles of RVs and manufacturers is that they all come with incredibly thin and crappy mattresses.  We replaced ours on July 9th and it has been heavenly!


A couple of years ago we replaced our bed at the house from R&S Mattress.  It was a great mattress, delivered immediately, and well under the price of the competition.  It wouldn’t fit in The Gump and so it was donated to St. Vincent de Paul when we downsized.

We talked about replacing the mattress for months, waffling only because we couldn’t test any of them out.  Sure, we laid on the Select Comfort at Camping World but it just felt weird.  Finally, sore and exhausted from not sleeping we went to the nearest R&S in Tucson.


We could custom order two mattress cut to the exact size we needed, the memory foam or the latex.    We knew from prior experience that the memory foam wouldn’t work for us (it’s horrible to sleep on, hot, etc.) and so latex it was.


Leo fully approves of the 15” of luxury that we now sleep on as evidenced above.  He rarely leaves the bed since it was delivered.  That extra 8” of depth has made the world of difference in the quality of our sleep.  No longer do we feel the wooden board under the mattress as the night progresses.  Sure, it’s taller and shrinks the room a little but it’s more than worth the trade-off for deep, restful sleep.

So, if you need a mattress contact Kent Baggaley at the Tucson Store.  His number is (520) 722-9066.  The mattress was delivered on time and they disposed of our old mattress.  Don’t worry if you look at the website and custom orders are listed as an option.  They do RV mattress and they are made in the United States!