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A Most Adventurous Birthday


I confess, I am not the adventurous one in this marriage.  Dave is willing to try almost anything at least once.  He will dive in head first and damn the consequences.  I on the other hand, have always been content to curl up with a good book and relax.  So imagine my shock and Dave’s amazement when I announced that I would like to go paddle boarding for  my forty-eighth birthday.

We are currently in Cortez, CO and so we looked for a place to rent paddleboards for an afternoon.   There are many such places in Durango which is about an hour north but they either didn’t return inquiries or were confused about their staffing situation and availability.   We got the name of a local place twenty minutes from our campground from our amazing dog walker we hired for another adventure. 


So, off we went to Doc’s Marina and soon enough we were feet first in the water with our butts firmly planted on rented paddle boards.  The kindly fellows on the dock didn’t know how to paddle board but really how hard could it be?  So, embracing the spirit of adventure Dave bravely went first and my protesting knees were screaming at me to reconsider but I grabbed the paddle and launched myself onto the paddleboard.

First lesson, don’t try and go paddle boarding for the first time in a sustained wind of 20 mph!  Oh did I mention there were headwind gusts of over 25mph?  Yep, so first time on the water and I’m trying to paddle upstream against a massive headwind the whole time. 


Dave bravely went first and promptly fell off his paddleboard.  He struggled in the weeds and wind to remount his board for an hour.  I’m proud to say I never fell off my board.  We lasted two hours out of the four we rented the boards for and we would both do it again in a heart beat.  I’m sure that staying up well past midnight the night before to catch the Perseids meteor shower didn’t help our exhaustion level but too bad, it was a magical experience.  (And yes, it’s chilly enough in SW Colorado after dark that a blanket and fire is required!)


It was an exhausting and incredibly rewarding experience.  We need to buy ourselves some aqua socks sooner rather than later.  The new snapshot camera we bought specifically to allow us to take water shots worked beautifully.  Here’s the link to the album from my adventurous birthday.

This was a birthday I will never forget and I owe it all to my amazing husband who helps me break out of my bookworm cocoon.  I do know without a doubt, had we not jumped into this lifestyle we wouldn’t have tried paddle boarding and we would have missed an incredible experience.

One thought on “A Most Adventurous Birthday

  1. Nancy Howard

    It sounds like you had an absolutely perfect birthday! I cannot wait until I get to meet you and Dave. Happy trails and keep the updates coming!