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Hidden Gem: Sky Ute Casino RV Park

I’m conflicted about even sharing this hidden gem in Southwestern Colorado.  Quite honestly we’d like to keep this one to ourselves but that wouldn’t be fair to the wonderful people of the Southern Ute tribe.


Originally we weren’t impressed by the aerial view from satellite photos.  It looked like a giant parking lot, no different than any other campground.    The deciding factor was the Passport America rate, $15 a night for two weeks.   We ended up staying for three weeks.

The entire wonderful experience begins when you pull around the casino into the RV park.  The camp host comes out to greet you and shows you to your campsite.  After allowing you time to get set-up, the camp host then escorts you to the front desk of the hotel to check-in and get your keycard.  You are then treated to a tour of all the amenities of the hotel and the restaurants.    The hidden gem of the hotel, which all RV’ers get access too, is the pool. 



Picture courtesy of Sky Ute Casino website

The pool, oh how I miss that lovely pool, is quite simply amazing.  It is quiet, well maintained, and so relaxing.  It is a cocktail pool but it isn’t just a cocktail pool.  Oh no, it has a huge hot tub connected to the pool and the pool itself is made up of four different zones: the river, the bubble jets, the bubble bed, and simple pool water.  The river section runs the outside of the pool and has a definite current.  The bubble bed is truly a marvel of cold water therapy after a long day.


The question we always get asked is about the casino.  There is no pressure to spend money in the casino.  There is smoking allowed in the casino but we never once got a hint of a whiff of smoke outside the gambling area of the hotel.  Overall, it was a much different experience than we have had in Las Vegas.


The food was amazing.  It is regular priced restaurant food, don’t walk in expecting cheap Las Vegas fare.  The staff is friendly, helpful, and all have great senses of humor.  As you can see above, I was busy showing Dave something on your last night at dinner.  Every meal we ate at the hotel was fantastic.

The security at the hotel was great.  The RV park is well lit, we strongly suggest making sure you have blackout material for your windows.  Spots are wide and you aren’t parked on top of your neighbors.  We regularly saw security patrols driving through the RV park but security was never intrusive.

We will be going back.  We enjoyed the area, the people, the POOL, and the atmosphere.  There is plenty to do and see in the general area.