Travels with Pickles

Hidden Gem: Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort


Late August and Early September were stressful and tense.  We had a month long reservation at Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort and decided to keep that reservation.  Best single decision we have made in months!

From the moment you turn into the resort, things are peaceful.  The front office staff is friendly, helpful, and always have a smile for guests.  Hailey, Kathleen, and Leah were simply a pure pleasure every time we needed something or  had a delivery.


Lots are long and wide, just as advertised.  Wifi is reliable and relatively fast, no matter how far from the front office you are parked.  There is a very large playground for those of you with young children, located on the West side of the resort if you want to be close to it.  There is an excellent dog park, separated out for large and small dogs.  Plenty of room to let your dogs off lead and let them burn energy off racing around chasing a ball.  The sidewalks are wide and level.  The walking path is interesting and enjoyable. 


Our views from the back patio were stunning.  The color show as fall took hold of the Black Hills was stunning.  There was a different view each day as weather rolled in and out, we were never bored.  We stayed on both the East and West sides of the park during our stay.  The West side is open all year long so if you need full hookups in South Dakota during the winter months, have no fear there is an open resort!

20160920_082841   20160918_175704

Everyone, dogs included, enjoyed their time immensely.  If we had allowed it, the dogs and Leo would have spent all day, every day wandering out onto the patio to catch some rays before strolling back inside to get a drink.  Pickles loved spending afternoons and evenings perched on someone’s toes as we enjoyed the sunset or watched the stars light up the night sky.  Star gazers will be pleased at the absolute dark that descends once the sun has set.  I highly recommend getting up around 3AM to bundle up and go outside and gaze upward.  The sky is so filled with stars you want to reach out and touch one for yourself.


We will return time and again.  It was peaceful and relaxing.  We recharged our personal batteries, got The Gump repaired, and fell in love with the surrounding community.  We had The Gump blessed by the lovely Father John Paul from St. Joseph’s Parish in Spearfish, SD.  We both feel better knowing that our home has been blessed and is now being guarded every day by St. Christopher.


We want to thank the entire staff for making us feel welcome and for always being helpful.  We pulled out on Saturday morning eager to see family but saddened to leave the quiet and peace we found at Elkhorn Ridge.