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It’s been a couple of hectic months since we departed South Dakota for holidays with family.  We are currently comfortably parked on the Oregon coast enjoying campfires, sunsets, and crashing waves at our back door. 

We did a lot of traveling from mid-November until early December, long days from one point to another.   We learned that while uncomfortable and not ideal, we can do fourteen hour days when we have to get somewhere quick.  We learned that failure to eat breakfast makes for cranky drives and even longer days. 

The amazing thing is that I’ve written at least ten posts in my head on nights I can’t sleep but somehow they haven’t been telepathically transmitted tot he laptop and posted.  I need to get those insomnia posts actually written and posted over the next couple of weeks.  If I can get the camera to communicate with the laptop it will make posts far more interesting.


The snow has long since vanished but the scenery was simply to beautiful not to share.  Taken at the beginning of 2017 in Winchester Bay, OR.  Wally was ecstatic, Sangria frolicked, and Leroy hissed in fury as her tank remained closed from the brief onslaught of snow.  This weekend will be rainy and gray but still awesome because it will be spent with each other.

One thought on “Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming …

  1. Nancy

    I love getting your updates! You paint word pictures so well that my mind can see what you’re saying immediately. I am glad that other people besides Pete and me know that the value of life is being with those you love. Stay safe and know you are always in my prayers.