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Carpe Diem

It’s a mere moment in a man’s life between an All-Star Game and an Old-timers’ Game. ~Vin Scully


I’m an avid baseball fan and Vin Scully is the voice of baseball for me.  His quote beautifully encapsulates everything below.  

A close friend of my parents died unexpectedly last night in the hospital from walking pneumonia, he was anticipating being discharged this weekend and going home to his wife.  Instead, his grown children are flying in to comfort their grieving mother.  My parents are stunned and all of them are in our prayers.

Talking to my mum last night, I pointed out that this is precisely why we took a huge leap of faith at the end of 2015 and dove head first into full-timing.  Dave’s mother passed away shortly after his dad retired in March 2015 and they never had the chance enjoy their retirement together.  Life is short, there is no promise of tomorrow only the potential that rises with the sun each morning in the East.

After my mother-in-law passed away, it took a couple of months before it sunk in and we started making changes.  But once we did, we started living and not just existing. 


Wally is the reason we got out of the “American” dream.  He was slowly dying every day in the house.  Growing old, unable to enjoy walks on blistering pavement, stone floors uncomfortable to stretch out on.  Now, our fifteen and a half year old dog walks for miles, frolics in snow, splashes in puddles, and suns himself on the back patio.  Sure stairs are sometimes not easy but he does them and it’s keeping him agile and stronger.  If we had still been in the house, we both believe we would have lost him by now.

This week has been spent planning out reservations and trips for the remainder of the year.  A lot of personal angst on my part has been simmering under the surface for me because of where we want to be in the country.  We were both born in Southern California but Dave’s family moved to the South and he became your typical Texas weather nerd.  Except for the six years or so we lived in Seattle, I grew up in Southern California land of perpetual sunshine.  I can sleep through earthquakes, barely waking up enough to tell my dad to stop shaking the house before falling back asleep.  WEATHER, specifically hurricanes and tornados, terrifies me on some deep down primal level.


Dead Poet’s Society 1989 is a brilliant cinematic reminder that we only have one life to make extraordinary.  I’m going to pull up my proverbial “big girl panties” and stop being afraid of tornados.  I will make reservations to do the things we want to do this summer.  I will remember that there is never a promise of tomorrow and that failure to seize the day is a failure to live up to the best of my potential. 

The whole point of this blog post, is a not so subtle reminder that life is too short to put off experiencing the things you want to do.  Fear is meant to be conquered not succumbed to blindly.  “Suck it up Buttercup” needs to be our collective motto.  If there is something you want in life, don’t let fear hold you hostage.  There is no reset button, life doesn’t grant us a do-over when we take our last breath.  We have one chance to LIVE, not just exist but LIVE.  I say a prayer of thanksgiving every day that we took a leap of faith in 2015.


I thank God that we’ve seen sunsets on the prairie and the ocean this year.  I cherish long walks with the dogs and Dave.  I am thankful for the places we’ve been and are planning to go.  I will continue to push us to do things out of our comfort zones, within reason of course, and will live life to the fullest.  I don’t want to wake up some beautiful morning, hopefully far in the future, and have regrets for the things we failed to do.

We only have one life, we only have today.  How will you spend it before the sun sinks into the ocean blue this evening?


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