Travels with Pickles

First Quarter 2017

We spent the first quarter at Winchester Bay RV Resort.  Several months on the ocean sounded like heaven after a blazing hot summer and chilly late autumn.  What we didn’t anticipate or expect was the tremendous amount of rain this winter would bring.  As of this post, we have received 36.7 inches of rain between 26 December 2016 – 22 March 2017.  By any definition that is a lot of rain in three months.

The Canadian geese were quite at home in the soggy conditions.  The two above were frequently seen strutting through the resort, just one of many pairs.  It was a rare moment to see them so comfortable and content.  Meanwhile, inside the dogs were huddled in their respective spots drying off. 

Leroy was in seventh heaven.  Lots of water constantly raining down on her and on rare days she got to bask in the sun.  This particular day I caught her trying to escape her pond.  She wasn’t successful but I think she will be the only one to miss the near constant rain.  Although, I think she’d give up the rain for warmer days and more consistent sun to bask in regularly.

Ever wondered what snow on the ocean looks like?  Well, we no longer have to wonder since it snowed in January.  It wasn’t just a mere dusting of snow either.  It was well over nine inches of wet, heavy snow.  Wally was overjoyed but he was alone.  The snow was beautiful but we were ready for cool days and sun.

Picturesque but gray is the best descriptor of our three month stay.  The weather isn’t normally so wet and inhospitable so we aren’t judging the locale by the weather.  We didn’t get out to do much to be perfectly honest.  Work was hectic and consuming, weather was miserable, and there’s only so much dreariness a soul can take.  

The Gump rarely was bathed in brilliant sunlight with the back patio open for more than a few brief hours at a time.  But when we were blessed with clear skies, the patio was down and we all migrated to the patio to bask in the rays of the sun.  We already knew Pickles was a solar powered bird but what we learned during our stay is that the rest of the family is equally as solar powered.  Settling down some day in the future in the Pacific Northwest is highly unlikely, there’s just not enough sunlight.

The views have been awe inspiring and have been thoroughly enjoyable.  The resort itself is the kind of place we enjoy in general and will return and pray the weather is more cooperative.  The walking path is paved, broad, and peaceful.  We all enjoyed walking along the ocean and marina.  It’s a full mile path which results in tired dogs at the end of the day.  At every opportunity we lit a fire and enjoyed the fire as the sun set over the pacific.


One tip, if you are parking overlooking the ocean beware of the power of the surf if you have rear windows or park nose first in a motor home.  The picture below is right outside The Gump and was like that for almost a full quarter mile of the walking path.

We will return later in the year, before the start of the high season or after it’s conclusion.  We wouldn’t truly appreciate the noise of the ATV community and packed quarters.  We have a small family reunion happening here until we leave the first week of April.  We are looking forward to seeing them and spending a weeke wrapped in the loving embrace of our crazy family.  The weather isn’t forecasted to cooperate but that’s alright, four rigs should be plenty for us to visit and catch up.