Travels with Pickles

In Loving Memory, Wallaby 2001-2017

Wally and Phil the Flamingo

This will be one of the hardest posts I will ever write.  On April 3rd in Reedsport, Or Wally suffered a stroke in the wee hours of the morning and passed away mid-afternoon.  He was the most amazing dog and we were privileged to be his family.  He hung on until family joined us in Reedsport for a week.  Everyone he loved, and who loved him in return, was there and got to spend time with him before the stroke.  To say he is missed is an understatement of epic proportion.


He rarely got on the furniture, even as a wee puppy, but if he thought Grandpa was close he would scamper onto the closest piece of furniture to wait for him.  Grandpa, my dad, was his favorite person in the world and was for the moment he was rescued.  Don’t get me wrong, he loved everyone  but Grandpa was Grandpa. 


He would lay outside in our backyard and soak up the Arizona sun for hours, even in the blazing heat of summer.  As he aged, the warmth of the sun would ease the aches and pains that come with aging.  But he was always on guard and checking to make sure no nefarious gardener was sneaking through the back gate on his watch.


He loved the back patio and you could always find Sangria and Leo out there with him.  He would watch the changing view for hours on end, content to watch the world pass by. 


Wally is the reason we jumped headfirst into fulltiming without hesitation.  We had stone floors in our house and a stone patio backyard.  It was becoming harder and harder for him to get up off the floor and we wanted to give him the best life possible in the time he had left.  His quality of life improved from our first trip our and we have never regretted our decision.  He got to play in snow once again which he loved, frolic on the beach, hang out at the lake, and plenty of long car rides to hang his head out the window.  He loved life.  He loved us. 


The hole in our hearts is still gaping.  There is an emptiness that can never truly be filled.  We will love another dog but Wally was and is irreplaceable.  He loved chasing squirrels.  We didn’t see a single squirrel our entire stay in Oregon until we drove home from the vet on the 3rd.  And sure enough, there was a squirrel sitting on his hind legs calmly waiting as we drove by.  We both saw it and broke down. it was a sign.  He is in heaven playing in snow, frolicking on beaches, hanging his head out the wind as the car speeds down the road, and soaking up sun.  He is at peace.  He is with our children. 


For almost sixteen years, he was our constant companion.  He now watches over us and will continue to be with us as we honor his memory.  We love our amazing red headed dog.