Travels with Pickles

Excellent Service: Juneks


Two weeks into our lovely stay in Spearfish this spring, Lana began throwing check engine error codes.  First two, Dave drove her into the local dealership, Juneks, to have the error codes cleared.  They quickly cleared the error codes, related to Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF), and sent Dave on his way.  The next day another error code was thrown, this one promising to render the Dodge into a FORD (Found On Road Dead).  Error code promised that in 150 miles speed would be reduced to 5mph until the problem was corrected.  Obviously, when you are towing a fifth wheel 5mph effectively renders your vehicle and home dead on the side of the road.

Dave called and brought the car in early the following morning.  Even though we bought the truck in a different state, we were given a loaner car without hesitation or cost to us.   Later that day, Dave gets a call explaining that the error codes were related to as yet unreleased service bulletin pertaining to the catalytic converter and DEF.  Richard Holso, who is the Service Manager, got the unique joy of telling Dave that five days before his first business trip since we left the sticks and bricks house that the truck might be out of commission for up to three weeks.  The news hit us like a ton of bricks, not only were we literally stuck without a means of moving The Gump but we now had the possibility of being stuck without a means of transport to get him to and from Rapid City for his trip.

Richard promised to do everything in his power to get the truck repaired and returned to us before Dave left on his trip.  Richard even told Dave that the loaner was his for as long as they had Lana to locate the part and complete the work,  I will admit, stress level around here was sky high but there was nothing we could do but keep our fingers crossed and pray.  Imagine our joy and relief when we find out on late Friday afternoon that they had located the part, with the assistance of District Manager Candice Evans, and the work had been completed.

Since we’ve had Lana back, no error codes or worries about pulling The Gump.  We head out this weekend headed toward Wisconsin for a visit with Dave’s family.  We greatly appreciate the entire staff at Juneks and the effort and service we received.  We will not hesitate to return and feel comfortable recommending the dealership.