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One Nighters between Stops


There are times when no matter how well I plan we can’t get from Point A to Point B in one day.  Our preferred stop-over on these occasions are Cabela’s along our route.  I always call while route planning to make sure the particular Cabela’s in question allows for overnight camping.  Only once has the answer been no, but it wasn’t surprising since it was in Colorado and a city ordinance prohibited overnight camping in non-campground settings.

Cabela’s are well lit, spacious parking lots, and have dog kennels.  Some have horse corrals as well should you be traveling with horses.  We haven’t used the dog kennels yet but it is nice to know that should we need one for a couple of hours they are available.  Each one we’ve overnighted at so far has long RV sized parking spaces so it’s not like you are parking amongst guests shopping inside when you pull in for the night.

The benefit of Cabela’s over Walmart is obvious.  You aren’t trying to squeeze your RV into a parking lot designated for cars and people determined to get in and go shopping.  Cabela’s are not open 24 hours and thus there are not people driving in and out at all hours of the day.  Cabela’s sells firearms and thus chances are better than not that you or one of the neighboring RV’s will be armed.  Thieves and miscreants are less likely to mess with potentially armed and dangerous RV’ers.  Every Cabela’s we’ve stayed at has been routinely patrolled by law enforcement and not private security.


The Cabela’s in Mitchell, SD is by far our favorite.  The onsite lake and huge grassy area make it a dream overnight spot.  There is plenty of room to walk the dogs, picnic benches overlooking the lake, and there are lots of RV parking spots.  There are also several restaurants within walking distance for a decent meal.  On our last stop over, last week to be precise, the parking lot was reasonably full by 7PM.  As the high season here in the Midwest progresses I would be leery of arriving much later to get a RV parking spot. 


As you can see, the bedroom slide is out and jacks are down.  Normally we would have raised the satellite but we were having satellite issues this trip.  There is more than sufficient room to extend all of our slides but this time around, I declined to do so.  It was Fireball’s first trip as an RV Pet and she is still unsure about the whole slides going in and out. 

WP_20170514_007  WP_20170514_008

As you can see, the girls didn’t object to being at Cabela’s the next morning.  In fact, Sangria really wanted to jump in the lake.  It was annoying and amusing all at the same time.  80 pounds of stubborn Lab determined to go swimming at 6AM is not necessarily my first choice.  Fireball was content to inspect the grass and attempt to catch birds.

Our next planned Cabela’s overnight stop is at corporate headquarters in Sydney, NE at the end of August.  I know that particular stop will be packed and so it will be an early start for us that trip.  Fireball will be six months old by then and should be an old pro by then.

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  1. Nancy

    You are such an excellent writer, that your trip is coming alive in my mind, and this is from a former English teacher! I’m glad that things are going well and Fireball is settling in so well. Looking forward to seeing you in June. Stay safe!!