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TV Box: Curse flipped into a Blessing]


That’s us during the PDI process sitting in front of the TV box for the outdoor television.  We ripped out that box this winter with gleeful abandon.  Not only did it disguise a water leak from the TV box (only discovered because I rarely wear socks, let alone shoes and we replaced the sofas of “awesomeness”, but the sharp corner dug a hole in the back of the recliners  (you remember, those recliners never intended to  recline by Dutchmen).

So, when we replaced the loveseat this winter with new La-z-Boy recliners, there was no chance we were leaving that box in place to puncture the new recliners.  So, instead we were left with a gapping hole showing the electronics, the plug to the refrigerator, and an air leak from the TV box.

We got lucky, we found the exact fabric and pattern of the new recliners (albeit in gold not cream).  We promptly ordered a yard, duck cloth and batting  to make a replacement cover for the TV box.  The materials arrived and I was faced with relearning to sew or freeze death.  I was just as quickly stumped by the prospect.  I’m good with straight lines and patterns but this was neither.  Luckily, family was coming and they all knew how to sew and offered to help.

My Aunt Susie came to the rescue and in no time she had engineered a solution and had me sewing.  The end result is a vastly improved thermal barrier, far more attractive, and it won’t punch holes in the recliners.


We attached it to the top of the TV with Command velcro hooks.  It stays in place while traveling.  it disguises the electronics, and vents excess heat out the bottom which is not attached.  If the TV box should leak again, the fabric will tell me before my toes.  Best of all, each time we see it we are reminded of family and their love.

Thank you Susie, we are more appreciative than you will ever know.

One thought on “TV Box: Curse flipped into a Blessing]

  1. Nancy

    Family beats everything!! Glad you were able to solve a very pesky problem!! Can’t wait to see both of you!