Travels with Pickles

Mount Roosevelt Monument


The second Saturday after Fireball joined our family, we decided to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and go for an easy hike.  We decided to take the dogs to Mount Roosevelt Monument which was reasonably close and was supposed to be an easy hike.


As you can see, Fireball wasn’t at all sure what was going on and decided that sticking close to Sangria was the best plan. This was her first car trip of any length, so hard to blame her for sticking to Sangria like glue during the car ride.  As soon as her leash was on and she was out of Lana, she was completely at ease and raring to go. 

The trail is well marked and there are facilities in the parking area and several scattered picnic benches in close proximity to the parking area.

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The trail is gravel and winds uphill through the forest.  The forest wasn’t yet in bloom but you could hear the birds chattering.  The dogs had no trouble with the trail, even eight week old Fireball had no issues.  My old knees were not so sure, I was glad I had slipped on my Chaco sandals that morning.  In my opinion, the trail borders moderate for those with knees problems or who would occasionally like a handhold or paved path.  But, I made it up and down the trail and experienced no knee discomfort as a result.  I chalk that entirely up to my Chaco sandals and I immediately purchased a lightweight pair of hiking shoes from Chaco’s when we got home.


The views were spectacular.   Any discomfort on the trail was worth it when you looked out across the Black Hills. 


Dave climbed the tower.  I knew that it was wiser to wait with the dogs than press my luck.  Turns out I was right, Dave reported small, spiral staircase leading up to the top.  He did report that the view from the top was breathtaking.


Fireball and Sangria enjoyed themselves immensely.  Both were completely fascinated by the abundant chipmunk population (all of whom were too quick for photos).  Fireball would have loved nothing more than to scamper off to chase them but much to her dismay, that wish went unfulfilled. 


Fireball made it without needing to be carried downhill.  She didn’t try and pull me down hill faster than my knees would handle.  She was exhausted by the time we got back to Lana but very pleased with herself.  Sangria was more exhausted than Fireball to be honest, it had been a good long while since Sangria had to go walking on something other than a paved surface.

We would hike the trail again.  It is a decent workout without leaving one exhausted and sweaty in the spring.