Travels with Pickles

Ramsey Park Redwood Falls, MN

DSCN0760 (2)

When we stayed in Morton, MN we talked about going to the Ingalls Homestead which is located in the area.  We decided against it in part because of weather conditions, Fireball at three months was still to young to be left alone for multiple hours, and lastly the fear of disappointment if reality distorted the lifelong mental image in my head.  So, for now The Ingalls Homestead remains on the “Bucket” list.

Ramsey Park however was very much on our list of places to go while in the area.  It is the largest municipal park in Minnesota and home to the Redwood Falls after which the town was named.  We took Sangria and Fireball and on a bright Sunday morning headed for the park.


As is quite evident from the picture, Fireball was thrilled with the entire experience.  She tromped through grasses, flowers, and fields with the utter abandon and joy that can only be experienced through four puppy paws. 


Sangria and Dave were more sedate and circumspect in their joy due to the humidity of the morning.  Sangria even got brave enough to dip her toes into the Redwood River briefly.

Our initial stop was too far from the waterfall to walk comfortably in the humidity and an over stimulated Fireball.  So, we clambored back into Lana and drove.  It was a beautiful drive, dappled sunlight filtering through the trees.


The walk to the falls was fantastic, even walking over the suspension bridge.  Ok, I will admit it gave me pause on more than one occasion but over it Sangria and I went.


The falls were worth the suspension bridge and the stairs on the trail.  It was a pleasant Sunday morning hike, my Chaco hiking shoes and Dave’s Chaco sandals served us both well.  No joint aches, no buckling knees, and no regrets the following morning.


I don’t think Fireball or Sangria were as impressed with the falls as we were.


Overall, it is a perfectly pleasant way to pass a morning hiking.  There is a campground in the park, although we are too large to park there.  There is also a museum within the park and lots of hiking trails.  The park was busy but not overcrowded for a beautiful Sunday at the end of May.