Travels with Pickles

Regional Gems: Dot’s Pretzels


All images taken from the Dot’s website since a box never lasts long enough to snap a photo of and we haven’t yet found them in NE Minnesota.

I know what you are thinking, it’s a pretzel how can it possibly be worthy of a special mention?  Trust me, one pretzel and you too will be hooked.  We both suffer from an inability to eat just one or two and reseal the bag, a handful is the normal minimum amount.  These spicy, salty pretzels are so delicious they become addictive before the first bag is finished.


The pretzels are amazing but even more amazing, is the rub they sell.  We’ve had it in burgers (Dave swore six ways to Sunday they were the best burgers I had ever made) and roasted a turkey dusted with the rub.  It was so good, the turkey didn’t last long enough to take pictures of it. 

They are available in North and South Dakota and Minnesota.  Otherwise, jump online and order a two pound bag of pretzels and one bag of rub as soon as possible.  You can thank us later!