Travels with Pickles

Gardening and the Fulltime RV’er


I loved being able to grow stuff when we still lived in the house.  Didn’t matter if it smelled good or tasted good, there was this innate pleasure making something blossom from nothing.  Those lovely hyacinths were grown this winter in the torrential downpour that was this winter in Oregon. 


Here is Mindy our mint plant.  Not only is she pretty and smells and tastes great but she keeps the creepy crawlies out of The Gump.    Mint is great at deterring spiders, scorpions, ants, and other insects.  Haven’t ever needed an insecticide and it’s all because of Mindy.

We use Smart Pots, which are available on Amazon, and are very RV friendly (even if you are unlucky enough not to have a toy hauler).  These awesome pots are fabric which means they are squishable when loading up the RV.  These pots also facilitate healthy plant growth, even when the weather isn’t so cooperative.  You can plant flowers, herbs, almost anything really that you could in your home garden.  Just be forewarned, travel to California with live plants is not advised as there has been numerous reports of plants being confiscated by California agricultural inspection stations.

DSC_0074  Our poor beat up cilantro and basil plant!  The cilantro has taken a beating from the rain the last two months.  However, it is still fragrant and otherwise healthy.  Fireball likes to snack on the cilantro when we aren’t looking in the evening.  The basil is struggling a little, it would like the weather a tad warmer than it has been.  It will thrive when we hit the desert for this winter.


We also have two mums, a dahlia and a lavender plant currently.  This is the first time I have ever successfully grown lavender.  It smells fantastic and it feeds the local bee population.  I attribute the lavender success to the Smart Pots.


So, if you miss gardening, the smell of fresh flowers, and the taste of herbs then what are you waiting for?  Home grown tomatoes are just one Smart Pot away from growing in your RV too.