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That’s Dave being adorably goofy perching on a bear sculpture at the National Zoo.  These days he works long hours from home for a multinational corporation in corporate mobility (which translates, to he spends too much time with mobile technology, getting it to do what it needs to do to keep the bosses happy).  He used to race cars in his spare time, he once hiked all over Australia, and he used to be a gamer.  Now he’s given up car racing (ok, I don’t mind that so much), hiking is rare, and gaming is unenjoyable after twelve hour days spent with technology.  He’s looking forward to the great outdoors being mere steps away and getting to see parts of the country he’s never seen before, all while still working from home.

DSCF0002 (1)

That’s me, Tammy, laughing at something the week we got married (eleven years ago).  I’m the writer in the family, the storyteller, the voice behind the blog and the one undoubtedly cursing silently at non-user friendly tech.  I’m a stitcher and a gamer, a reader and a reviewer but mostly, I’m a writer inspired everyday to leave the concrete jungle.  I’m tired of noise and light pollution and too much space.  Believe me, if you had asked me that question ten years ago I would have scoffed at the notion but late in my forties I’m over the big house with the big yard!  I want to hike and experience stuff with Dave before we are old and feeble.

IMG_4642 (1)

Meet Leo the world’s coolest cat.  Nothing phases Leo, not two large dogs or the squawking bird.  He loves riding in cars, hanging out in the passenger tray and freaking out other drivers.  He has adapted to RV living better than one would imagine for a cat.  He LOVES hanging out on the patio every day, he’s usually the first out the door.  He basks in the sun, chatters at the birds, and loves to smack Sangria when she walks by him.


That’s Sangria, world’s laziest dog and lover of naps.  She’s best buddies with Wally and has no fondness for doing anything more than snoozing.  She is thrilled that we brought her favorite rug for her to roll around and scratch her back.  She has adapted extremely well to the mobile life.


Pickles the bird, star of the blog and the number one consideration when we looked at RV’s.  He is ten years old and has another twenty to thirty years left in his lifespan.  He’s a Severe Macaw, which is the largest of the mini-Macaw’s.  He likes to think he rules to roost but he doesn’t.  He is however a slob (like all birds) and can occasionally be LOUD.  He very much lives up to his name, sometimes he’s sweet and other times incredibly sour.  He rarely nips, often cuddles, and has never meet a piece of paper or block of wood he hasn’t wanted to shred.


LeRoy our female Red Eared Slider turtle decided to join us on our adventures.  We couldn’t find family that was willing to take her or a school to adopt her.  So, there is now one turtle added to the flock.  LeRoy is a no fuss, no demands family member.  She swims and basks in the sun.  Can you imagine a better life?


Fireball is a Fox Red Labrador Retriever who we’ve had since she was eight weeks old.  She is a bundle of non-stop energy that will keep all of us on our toes for many years to come.  She has taken to RV life like a trooper and is becoming an old pro at long car rides.  She is so like Wally that it almost makes a good Catholic believe in reincarnation.


Lana the Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn that joined the family earlier than expected but who will tows our home and our stuff in splendid comfort.  James retired early to make way for Lana but apparently he knew something we didn’t since she is unique among 2015 Laramie Longhorn’s we’ve discovered.  Her paint job isn’t two-toned and she’s understated from the outside.  But man-oh-man trust me when I say “there’s no hitch in her giddy-up”.


DC couple

So there you are, our crazy family as we begin the adventures of fulltime RV living.  We are scared, excited, and eager to explore.

Rest In Peace


James our beloved Range Rover finally decided to retire early.  For seven years, James was a faithful and comfortable place to ride.  He handled dogs and birds, sweltering heat, mud, rain, and eventually dying in a Dodge dealership.  James will be missed and on cold, wet, rainy days when I’m climbing up and into Lana, I will particular miss James’ ability to lower himself so that I could climb in with ease.


Wally left us at the beginning of April 2017.  He is still with us in spirit but he is missed.  Fireball is a terrific dog and Wally is having daily conversations with her.  He is the reason we began this lifestyle and he had the best final year of his life possible.    We love you Wallaby and you enriched our lives.