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Regional Gems

Posted 4 July 2017

Regional Gems: Tequila and Ginger Liqueur


Meet Burt, our crazy frog that holds the open bottle in this house.  As you can see, Burt truly enjoyed the CasAmigos Tequila.  Admittedly, agave doesn’t grow in South Dakota but since we discovered this tequila in South Dakota we are designating this as a regional find.

This is a delightful and rich tequila.  There is a definite bite to it but it is still smooth and easy to drink.  This is not just your average bottle of tequila meant to be mixed, rather this complex tequila is smooth enough to be sipped on its own.  It is great mixed as well, especially with a splash of lemonade, a lime seltzer and a couple of fresh jalapeño slices.

IMG_20170616_1626220  We found another bottle here in Minnesota and it immediately somehow managed to come home with us.  It makes for a pleasant accompaniment to homemade shredded pork tacos.


As you can see, Burt is trying to guzzle the Spiritopia Ginger Liqueur we discovered in Winchester Bay, OR much earlier this year.  This is a liqueur that isn’t immediately something you taste and think, “Wowzer, I love this!”.  Instead, this is a liqueur that lingers on the pallet and warms your toes.

It mixes incredibly well with cranberry soda or pomegranate seltzer.  Dave also enjoys it straight over ice.  The bite that comes from ginger is definitely present from the first tentative sip until the last sip is enjoyed.  Unfortunately, the bottle is now empty and we have yet to run across it in our travels since we left Oregon.


If you ever run across either of these wonderful finds do not hesitate to take a gamble and enjoy their temptations.